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When it comes to below-the-belt grooming, your junk generally gets all the attention. From shaving your balls to managing shaft hair , plus everything in between, the boys do their best to steal the spotlight whenever they can. And that, friend, is your ass. Get rid of it. Or at least, get it under control. But doing so safely can mean a few different things.

Though everyone has butt hair, it's funny that hair can be so stigmatized. We long for thick, shiny hair and we're obsessed with lengthy eyelashes and on-fleek brows. So now that you know how common it really is, we're about to rip the bandage off and get real about everything you need to know about butt hair.

Why Shave Your Butt? (Or Why Not?)

In case you're too embarrassed to ask for yourself though you don't need to be! Melisa Holmes and Dr. Jennifer Ashton for their expertise on butt hair. From how to shave butt hair safely to scientific benefits of its existence, here's everything you need to know Eyelashes, as you might know, serve the useful purpose of keeping bugs, dust, and other particles out of your eyes; armpit hair prevents your arms from chafing against your sides.

But when it comes to butt hair, you might be stumped. According to Dr. King, no one knows for sure what the purpose of butt hair is, but there are several theories:.

Some people might have more or less hair than others, according to Dr. King, as genetics and hormones affect the distribution of body hair. But having butt hair itself is again, completely and absolutely normal. Since having butt hair is totally natural and OK, it's your call when it comes to deciding what to do with it.

Men's Butt Hair Grooming Options + Tutorial

You can just leave it as is and live your best life. After all, being hairless everywhere is just a weird trend that became popular for the strangest reason. Holmes, M. Just because porn might show some hairless bodies doesn't mean you need to shave everything off. King agrees that it's absolutely fine to keep your butt hair as is.

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But if you'd like, you can choose to remove it, though it really depends on what you personally prefer. If you do decide to remove your hair, just make sure you're being extra careful or visiting reputable professional.

One option for removal is shaving. Now, think about how small that area with hair on your butt is and now think about how big a razor is. I recommend that you take a warm to hot shower and use really good anti-bacterial soap, such as Dial. Make sure that you thoroughly clean yourself and lather up your entire buttocks area, including around the anus.

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FYI: Avoid taking a bath for this step. Think about it for a moment.

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If you are sitting in hot bathwater with soap, are you really going to be able to rinse off bacteria that has been accumulating in the bathwater? Showering is a much more sanitary approach. The second step is to open up that package of razors and pull one out. Never, ever shave yourself with a used razor. If you do this, you run the risk of a bacterial infection, such as staph.

Now under the hot shower, take a little shaving gel and apply it to one of your buttocks cheeks.

For shaving in between the crack, bend over in the shower and get the inside of your bum nice and wet. Then apply a little gel. Now step out of the shower and grab that hand mirror and place it flat on the floor. Crouching over the mirror so you can see your anus area, gently - ever so gently - and SLOWLY begin to shave the hair. Jan 23,   If you're going to shave hair off from around your butthole, just hop in the shower and clean the area with some mild soap and warm water. Then, put your leg up so that you have access to Author: Yerin Kim. The first thing to understand about an anal shave is that it can get messy - especially if it's the first. Before you get into position, cover the floor with a Magic Mat. It just makes life easier. Ok, with that out of the way, you want to begin your anal shave with a trim. While that's true for all shaving.

Use an upward motion that goes against the hair - in other words, from bottom to up. Start from the outer cheek area in sections. Depending upon the size of your bum, you will likely have sections. Bear in mind you do not need to press hard when you are shaving.

The idea is to use a gentle and slow approach. This will help to prevent cuts and nicks.

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This likely will be the most challenging part of your buttocks shaving journey. Use a new razor for this chore because the one you were previously using is likely all clogged up and the blade dull.

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Remember that handheld mirror we talked about earlier? You will need to have this ready. For shaving in between the crack, bend over in the shower and get the inside of your bum nice and wet.

Then apply a little gel. Now step out of the shower and grab that hand mirror and place it flat on the floor. Crouching over the mirror so you can see your anus area, gently - ever so gently - and SLOWLY begin to shave the hair.

If this step is just too intense for you, just use the Conair trimmer that was previously mentioned. Once you are satisfied with the removal of your body hair from your buttocks area, step back into the shower and rinse yourself off.

Make sure you use the antibacterial soap again to make sure you are cleaning out all of those freshly opened hair follicles.

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Cold water is suggested to help close pores. Once you are down with the shower, grab a fresh towel and gently pat dry yourself - particularly around your newly shaven buttocks. Avoid rubbing or any abrasive movements as this may irritate your skin. Take the antiseptic gel that you have purchased at least I hope you have! There is a chance you might feel a bit of a burn, which is completely normal.

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If you are worried about this, try a small amount first and then if it feels OK, use more. Once you have applied the gel and it has thoroughly dried, you will want to apply the powder. Try to use the powder every day after the first week of shaving. This will help you to feel fresh and encourage proper ventilation.

If you are looking for more information on how to shave your buttocks, I encourage you to spend a minutes watching this video that explores various grooming options.

How to Shave Your Buttocks the Right Way for Men

Just for fun, I have included a poll that asks you some questions about buttocks shaving. I expect the results to be somewhat skewed because I assume most people who visit this page prefer a smooth bum. What do you like best about a smooth buttocks? Have you. Moreover, is the product worth the money?

May 16,   When you remove hair from the butt, the challenging process is shaving between the cheeks. This is a difficult step. Use the handheld mirror and put it on the floor. Then, squat above the mirror until you see your anal area and start danydusausoit.com: Jelly Bell. May 13,   What the Fuck Is Anal Bleaching? Trust us, you don't even want to know. Related Stories for danydusausoit.com Shaving Body Hair. Read More. Grooming. How to Tame Your Unruly Body Hair.

As a man. But have you ever wondered what these. I have created new electric shaving heads that will allow men and women to shave their buttocks with ease and comfort.

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