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Do Girls Care About Guys’ Asses?

I was in 8th grade and dreading the next few hours of my life because I was at a school dance. Now in 8th grade I was what would be considered a cool wallflower. I stood by the wall with some people and would listen to people complain. The cool part was the fact that I didn't play clash of clans on my phone during the dance. As I stood there I'd watch people yes I know it's weird and the way they'd interact with each other. At one point I saw my classmate Oliver sneak up behind this girl Cindy.

The girls would react by laughing it off and jokingly telling them to stop, which would only encourage them even more. The boys even made a game out of who could slap more asses more before the year ended.

They would always tell me to join in but I always refused. They would tell me, as a male, it was only natural to do these things. Thankfully, I knew better.

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I still hung out with them, but I never joined in when they harassed those girls. Looking back, I regret being a bystander when I could have done something to stop their behaviour. These teens never realized their actions were wrong because no one stood up to them. All of us were too scared to speak up. Let this be a lesson to anyone reading this who is constantly witnessing sexual harassment but is not acting to stop it. Do something.

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Talk to them. Reproach their actions. Report them. You have the power to stop sexual harassment around you. Use it.

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Sometimes it will be a random or just a dude who you hate or it could be your boyfriend. There was this dude I hated that got on the bus 3 stops before me. Apparently I came into the topic of discussion when I wasn't on the bus.

The dude apparently said I had a 'fat ass. The next day on the bus the guy kicked me in the ass. I was infuriated. He continued to do this day by day till I eventually told my mom who was friends with his father and I got him in trouble. After that he stopped, with me at least. A week after I turned him in he did it to an A week after I turned him in he did it to another girl and she turned him in for sexual assault.

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It happened again in another scenario with my boyfriend. When we started our relationship we discussed my limits, one of my no-no places was my ass. He agreed at the time. One day we went to the park. He had pointed out to me the day prior that I had a 'big ass. I agreed. He picked me up using my waist and then grabbed my ass to keep me up in his arms. In the next minutes we were hanging out he ended up grabbing my ass 3 times. He later texted me if I had liked it.

I had no feelings on it considering we had been talking for over a month at the time however. In summary, guys like ass, so they grab and slap it. Of course I do. All guys do it. In fact! Trust me, any guy will tell you the same thing. Now, this is a strict code of law that all guys must follow, believe me I am not joking at all when I tell you all this.

I was working at Maccas, maybe two weeks ago.

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As I finished cashiering the car and closed the window, the boy who was in order taker with me came up behind me, slapped and fondled my fucking ass! I had no idea what to do, I just froze. I had been sexually harassed at my job before McDonalds and I felt as small and as helpless. So the boys paraded around the school yard and slapped random girls asses, just for the fun of it.

Luckily, my ass has never been slapped without my consent. However, I do get slapped in the ass by my boyfriend often, and I absolutely love it. Back in high school there was this one hallway, right outside of the changing rooms, where a whole bunch of kids in their senior year would wait around and harass anyone who walked through that they deemed cute usually freshmen.

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It was like a gauntlet, where if you took too long going down the hall they would get you. Kinda like that, if you took away the happiness and added a bunch of 17 year olds. It was quite terrible, and no one would walk down that hallway unless they had classes starting quickly since the risk of a slap or a pinch was too great.

So in short, yeah teens slap other teens asses pretty often if my experiences are indicative of the whole. If it was a son of mine that would be the last one, he did at least around me. Go ahead spit on the sidewalk, puke after drinking, piss in your pants if you wish to be disgusting, but do it at your house with your family, not mine.

Want to quit being a victim, take your pen put it between your knuckles and let him know that one more thing like, and you are going to shove it up his scrotum. I am 13 years old and in middle school and i have a big butt for my age. This is what my body looks like for the most part.

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I usually wear leggings because I have a hard time fitting in jeans that look nice and are comfortable. Now i know that a lot of the boys like me because they are always staring at me and I have gotten a few of them aroused.

Now there is not a day at school when a boy doesn't grab or slap my ass. I don't have a problem with any of it because it kinda makes me horny. But yes boys do slap girls asses.

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There it was. I had never seen it so prominently displayed.

Teen boys asses

After all, we went to a private school, and our uniforms weren't really fashion forward. But the girl I had a major crush on, who used to punch me in the shoulder and treat me like one of her brothers, showed up at the theme park wearing skin tight, acid washed, jeans.

I did it. I slapped her butt. I don't know. Why would anyone hit something they were so deeply fascinated by? Not often in my social circles but when I hear of it happening the girl is often too timid about it imho. Should sock him right in the nose, see how he likes being touched without consent.

The 12-Year-Old Tattoo Artist - KICK-ASS KIDS

Some foreign kid from Italy or Spain was on exchange to our school back in tenth grade or something third last year of school and a girl I was friends with at the time was sitting next to him in class when he put his hand on her inner thigh. It's not her ass but it's still a pretty private area and he shouldn't have done that, obviously. She ended up telling her friends about it but didn't really do anyth She ended up telling her friends about it but didn't really do anything otherwise.

Basically only friends did it to one another. It was more of a butt towards the side of hip slap and I never saw anyone groped except for paired off couples. To me it seemed VERY non sexual. Also there was a lot of hugs for hello and goodbye. I went to rexberg Idaho and Provo, Utah for college. There was no butt touching there no even by paired off couples. Plus, it gives my self-esteem a boost.

Yes, teenage boys are gross pigs sometimes.


Only a few think and act on that sort of thing. As will older, less liberal teachers and staff.

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Although, I have gotten a few more violent things before. Yeah, no. I once new this arsehole who was friends with a prick who was friends with one of mine, who dared the prick to see how many times he could slap a female classmates arse.

Went on for a whole year. The female friend was too embarrassed to stand up for herself. If you're reading this now and are on quora yes, the swearing is censorship of people. I overheard her and arsehole talking about it in yr She'll probably remember iti am truelly sorry.

If i wasn't so gormless and distractable, i would've decked him for ya. Its a horrid expression of toxic masculinity that needs Its a horrid expression of toxic masculinity that needs tto die off. Anyway, diatribe over. Hope this sheds some light.

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It varies from culture to culture and even from friend group to friend group. Sign In. ate Cancel. Match your personality to a lane and hop on the expressway to self-understanding. Your junk is falling out of your trunk. Shake a tail light, people - this lane is for you. Maybe you and a friend just wear the same outfits a lot.

Bad luck follows you around and everyone knows it. Your proverbial seat is always damp from proverbial rain. Is this the universe telling you to swallow your pride? Getting your car washed while you drive is a no-brainer.

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