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I spoke to them just two min ago. And said I'd be talking to their parents, they couldn't even face me and when I asked if it has happened before they nodded their heads "yes" I'm shaking. My mother already had "the talk" with him. Many times. They have a class about sex and a nurse coming over to their school to discuss sex and what not. I just feel like I can't trust them alone imagine if they keep doing it and end up pregnant or something? I know they are curious but damn I can't.

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Were you maybe caught up in the moment and now regret what happened? If I am wrong and he did force himself on you then you were raped and violated. This MUST be reported to the police. In addition, if he did rape you then you need to tell your husband because he will want to know and you will need support. Please don't delay because if this was recent then the police might be able to retrieve some physical evidence.

Ladies would you let your sister have sex with your man if she was feeling down and depressed? and fellas? later on that night when her and the husband were preparing for bed she fed him with the info on her sis and she then tells him out of the blue that she would like him to have sex with her for a night just to help her sis regain her. Me and my sister slept together because we only had a two bed room house and from the age of 3 and 5 me being 5. we touched each other and slept naked and cuddling. she was p before my dad added on to the house and she got her own room. we gained a deep love of each other and to this day we are close as husband wife. I am very much depressed as last week I was f***ed by my brother in law when I was along at home. he came over for a short drop and no one was home that time. my husband was away to work and I had taken leave from work to sort out things at home. How unfortunate I am that on this particular day I.

Xper 6. During the entire explaination as to what happened, you never mentioned rape but at the end of the story, you then ask What you wanna do him too!

Young sister fucked brother sleeping

Your entire story makes no sense, not lyk you are 16 years old Don't ask silly questions cause you will get real answers Best of luck! Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First.

My niece and nephew are having sex, my sister wants me to talk to them,

If he raped you, you should tell the police and your husband. I was a little confused by this line: "I bent down and before I for 5 minutes I kept bending down to pick the towel and there was it!

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John Xper 2. It wasn't rape, it was you who wanted sex because you didn't stopped him or kicked his balls.

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Related myTakes. What time is it at the North Pole? ToyStory Xper 2.

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To think about id imagine. Xper 7. I mean, baths together when you're toddlers is fairly common but to hit on a sibling when you're a teenagers is disgusting.

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Xper 6. I think that for the average person, who had a normal family life, this is not "normal.

My 15yo brother getting head from "our" 14yo step sister? Anonymous. Follow. so I went up to his room and I opened the door to see him laying there while she was on her knees on the side of the bed. I was in shock! his step sister!!! Matter of fact nobody wants to picture or even see their teenagers having sex! I still have them imagine. Has your mom ever seen your penis erect and what did she say? Anonymous. Follow. When I have a hard on my sister would help me masturbate and make me come and should suck it and taste all my juices at the same time I will be fingering her pussy and getting old so wet. Does my sister want to have sex with me? Anonymous. Follow. Facebook. Twitter. 0 0. Aight, so when I was laying down on the floor, I got an erection and I thought nobody would come in where I was at. Then my sister who was 19 at the time but is 20 now, came in. She was on the phone with her friend and I heard her say "its big".

Hopefuly someone who has experienced something like that is not dealing with guilt because of it. They did not do anything that was permanently wrong or "evil" or that they should be blamed for it.

Lol at all these people saying it's weird and gross.

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It's actually extremely common for teenage siblings to experiment a little. Kissing, masturbation, and oral are all pretty common occurrences.

My niece and nephew are having sex, my sister wants me to talk to them, My sister came home about two weeks ago, found them f***ing in my nephews bed. She talked a bit, but wants me to talk with them. I have done most of the sex talks (sis usually sits in, not always), partly because of my nephew being older. Home > Sexual Health > My. me and my sister were about years old we used to do sexual things like stimulatng our selves against the soaf or our hands we were just into puberty. then we started to just do it with 1 another like clothes sex. then one day we started to get naked and just play and experiment with our first dick/fany it got to a point when we were bored she would ask me to get me willy hard and i did. My sister gave me head one night after a party. We were both drunk and in the swimming pool. Has anyone ever had a shared sexual experience with a family member? Betwyn. Guru. Follow. Facebook. My sister would love to wake me up in the morning by straddling me in bed and grinding on me "accidentally" she would also sit on my lap once in.

Sex, however, is rather uncommon and should be avoided for a healthy family relationship. And, fyi, the people talking about deformed babies are idiots.

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You'd be surprised over how common it is, most people just forget :P My older sister tackled-snogged me through my single digit years, yet she doesn't remember :O. She does She just doesn't want to! It is abnormal to me I was really turned on by my first cousin and hate my sister Habakkuk Xper 3.

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I haven't even seen my brother naked in any form since I was like 4 probs. I don't know, it's pretty abnormal and gross. Maybe in the early years before you know what sexuality is, but later than that it's just wrong. I m muslim I want to the fuck my sister and its notallow she is so stric and careful what can I dolvt u. If your step sister asked you for sex would you do it?

Xper 5. CasaNorba Guru. I was watching an old show on Playboy TV the other day on my Roku and it inspired me to ask this since there is always a first time for everything and not everyone things the same.

I'm a female and no, my man is mine and no one can have him! Vote A.

I'm a female and yes my sister can be an option. Vote B.

Sister fuck bed

I'm a male and sister or not I stay exclusive to my wife. Vote C.

likely. Most likely

I'm a male and sure why not help a sister in law out. Vote D.

something is. Earlier

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Apr 02,   Story of me and my sister. by Little angel Thu Jul 12, pm. I used to sleep in my dad's bed, and I was asleep there then and slept nude. Suddenly I woke up to him standing by the end of the bed. It felt like my legs were in a weird angle, like I wouldn't have placed them like that myself. I don't really know what he was doing.

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