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Search more than 3, biographies of contemporary and classic poets. His father, a vicar of a parish and master of a grammar school, married twice and had fourteen children. The youngest child in the family, Coleridge was a student at his father's school and an avid reader. While in London, he also befriended a classmate named Tom Evans, who introduced Coleridge to his family. Coleridge fell in love with Tom's older sister, Mary.

I wonder what it is You first met by blowing each other up, and everything after that was pretty simple. Fate: Huh? Arf: They say it was that way with Nanoha and Arisa. It was the same with Fate and Nanoha too! Fate: Ah The same with Signum too. Caro: So, the most important part is that you went all out on each other?

Huh, oh no, Erio, what should we do! If it's that the case, we haven't hit each other that much at all! Erio: Um, yes, we did. At the escalators, when Caro fell and we slammed into each other.

Caro: Oh So that's fine then? Arf: I think for you two, that's good enough.

Daniel weighs in on this particular doctor's extreme and intimate practices.

Krillin: Hey, the way he's lying in that crater kinda rings a bell. Piccolo: Yeah, a very painful bell. Yamcha: Don't remind me Card Games. Admittedly, that requires a lot of mana, but this was in Standard with Tolarian Academy and Skirge Familiar, so getting "a lot of mana" wasn't that hard. Without that trick, it's still a reasonably powerful card, but nowhere near as broken as it once was.

When the card designers later decided to create an Enchant Creature that granted all of Morphling's abilities, they gave it the name " Pemmin's Aura ". How is this an example? Morphling's fellow infamously-broken creatures, Masticore and Psychatoggot similar shout-outs: Deep Analysis shows a dissected Masticore with the flavor text "the subject appears to be broken ," while a later version of Shock fulfills fan dreams everywhere by having a bolt of lightning zap the Psychatog.

Back in the old days, when the Internet was still not widely used and card lists were rare, some people talked about an ultra-rare "Throat Wolf" with, among other abilities, "firstest strike". In Visions the designers, inspired by Throat Wolf, included " Talruum Champion " which has first strike that beats other creatures' first strike.

Throat Wolf is also mentioned in the novels. There's a card in Homelands called Heart Wolf. And a cut card in Unglued was going to be called Butt Wolf. Unhinged had a card called "Mise," a reference to M:tG slang meaning "to get a lucky draw. Storm Crow is famous for being treated as a Memetic Badass by the MTG community despite it really being just a mediocre creature.

Wizards of the Coast first acknowledged this meme by giving the 6th edition of Storm Crow a custom rating of 6 out of 5 on its Gatherer website, then released Crow Storm as an Unstable card that does nothing but make copies of Storm Crow.

An Urban Legend says that a player in a championship game was so desperate to win they played a card called "Chaos Orb" with the ability to destroy other cards by being dropped onto the opponents field and destroying any card it touches. If you're lucky you might destroy 3 or 4 cards, but instead of simply dropping the card they shredded it and sprinkled the pieces over the opponents field, wiping it out and the judge ruled it a legal move incarnations of the story from there vary, some say the player won and other say the opposing player called for a count of cards in the players deck.

Regardless of the truth to the story, the Unglued set introduced a card called "Chaos Confetti" with the exact same abilities of "Chaos Orb", except it specifies to tear the card apart and sprinkle the pieces over the field. The Flavor Text even says "And you thought it was an urban legend. They date toalbeit in text-only format, and were the basis of the "Un" sets.

At this point, the creators lampshade infinite combos. Back inthey printed a card called Totally Lost that depicted a lost homunculus named Fblthp. Since then, he's become a fan favorite, appearing in the artwork of multiple cardsas well as having fans clamoring for him to have his own card. Six years later, they finally gave him his own card.

Appropriately, it shuffles itself back into your library, so you have to go find it again. Comic Books. Among other things, one skill Soldiers can select to enhance their Whirlwind ability is called "P. E Alpha". The new Lugnut toy was designed to execute a double dose of P. When Ravage appeared in an official Transformers: Shattered Glass story a few months later, they followed this portrayal.

The song gets invoked in Thunderbolts when the team takes on treacherous member Hyperion Squirrel Girl 's one-shot appearance becoming a meme in Internet forums led to her becoming a permanent recurring character in Great Lakes Avengers. Then she was briefly Luke Cage and Jessica Jones' nanny.

Then she got her own serieswritten by the Dinosaur Comics guy. Will it become a spiral? Only time will tell. The main Marvel Universe is called "Earth". There's a fan rumor that it was named for the date the Fantastic Four first appeared supposedly June This is not true for one thing, the issue was released in Augustbut this numbering scheme then became used for real for several Marvel alternate Earths.

Gerard Jones then included him as the very first wannabe-Legionnaire in an issue of Secret Origins. Issue 1 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic IDW 's synopsis uses the fan-coined term "Mane Six" already more than a Fan Nickname due to being used on a couple of licensed shirtsbut this further elevates the term. Upon being confronted by Chrysalis, Applejack and Rarity are quick to insult her, and reference the meme of Chrysalis having Swiss cheese legs.

And of course Derpy's in the comic though not name including being lured into a trap by a trail of muffins. Furthermore, when one of the Changelings changes into Derpy, its companion is forced to bonk it on its head to get the derped eyes just right. In issue 2, one of the spiders is gray, has a bit of blond hair, one set of its two pairs of eyes in a wall-eyes fashion, and has a pattern of bubbles on its rear section.

Sweetie Belle as a dictionary propagated from "The Return of Harmony" pops up in issue 3. Midtown variant covers for Issues 4 and 5 have Epic Wife Tossing across two covers. Rainbow gives Tank a "brohoof". Rainbow pulls off a Sonic Double Rainboom. There has been a fan-made full length episode entitled " Double Rainboom " that's been in the works for a while and teased.

Whether this inspired the comic's term is unclear, though it's most likely a reference to the old Double Rainbow meme from YouTube which many bronies naturally associate Rainbow Dash with.

The Giant Enemy Crab that shows up at the end of issue 13 is no doubt a nod to the "Rarity fighting a giant crab" meme. This all started because of an April Fools joke. The Super Dictionary legendarily illustrated "forty" with Lex Luthor stealing forty cakes. Eventually a canon comic Superman revealed that, as revenge for not being allowed to enter an early invention in his high school's science fair, Lex Luthor stole forty cakes from the bake sale.

Matt Groening himself lampooned the same phenomenon at least twice in his comic strip Life in Hellonce in this ad for bootleg T-shirts and again in a strip where a fan asked Groening how much money he makes from the bootlegs. A common meme among Smurf haters is to present Papa Smurf as a fascist or communist dictator. This leads to him working so hard to prove that he is badass that it doesn't actually make any sense for him to have that reputation he's trying so hard to shed in the first place.

This changes after Throne of Atlantis. The hero formerly known as Captain Marvel is now simply " Shazam "; partially because thanks to Writing Around Trademarks "everybody thinks he's called Shazam already, outside of comics.

Loeb call the title character the goddamn Batman. Eggman catches Snively sneaking around and declares that he is "Snoo-ping as usual!

Sora aoi fucked

The same issue depicts Eggman saying "It's from the show! The Tails Doll, a playable doppelganger of Sonic's best friend Tails, was introduced in Sonic Rbut other than that he was a rather unremarkable Living Prop. Due to the creepy nature of the design, he became rather popular to imagine as an otherwordly monster in Creepypastawith the parodic Sonic Shorts taking a hand in popularizing the concept.

When Ian Flynn introduced him, he ran with this concept for Tails Doll, who was a demonic-looking Mechanical Abomination inside the innocent-looking doll. The collected edition of Avengers Assemblewhich focuses on Iron Man and the Incredible Hulkis called Science Brosin reference to the meme about their movie counterparts being Heterosexual Life-Partners. Original Sin : Hulk vs. Iron Man 1 brings the meme in-universe when Tony mentions they picked up the name soon after they first met.

Two memes regarding America Chavez from Young Avengers "She's beauty, she's grace, she'll punch you in the face!

An Annual issue of Batgirl had Babs recognize the ass in question and realise that Dick was alive, since at the time he was pretending to be dead in Grayson. Then there's the part of the run where Midnighter gets around the Spyral technology that masks agents' faces by saying he'd "recognize that ass anywhere. The first issue of Web Warriors has Spider-Gwen discovering Spidey in that pose and referencing the entire meme.

There is a popular scene in Jem where Rio kicks over a plant. It's so hilarious that it made its way into the Jem and the Holograms reboot.

Rio kicks over a plant in agitation. People glare at him so he apologizes, and puts it upright again. Fandom took this and ran with it, and Damian became a Crazy Cat Kid in the fandom. Grant Morrison, writer of the issue, took this and expanded it to have Damian be an animal lover in general, with Damian later adopting a Bat-Cow and becoming a vegetarian.

Peter J. Tomasi's frequent collaborator Patrick Gleason also gave him a colossal mutant bat called Goliath. Tomasi's Superman Rebirth run also had Damian lose his shit at Jonathan Kent's accidental murder of a cat, and when they talk later, Damian is basically covered in his pets. While there's no confirmation as of yet if it was intentional, All Star Batman includes a piece of dialogue where Batman proudly proclaims that "rock and roll will never die".

Comic Strips. Garfield Minus Garfiel the webcomic that made new comedy out of old Garfield strips by removing the title character so it seemed that Jon was a lonely delusional weirdo, was made into a book. One actually endorsed by writer Jim Davis, too, and complete with several Garfield Minus Garfield s actually made by Davis himself. Turns out he's quite good at it.

One series of early Dilbert strips featured a nameless cat who showed up at Dilbert's house, harassing that character and trying to eat Ratbert. Scott Adams soon started receiving emails demanding "more Catbert," and ultimately made him a regular character.

One comic of The Far Side had a caveman teacher explaining to a class that the spikes on a stegosaurus's tail are "called the 'thagomizer' Years later, the scientific community realized they didn't have a name for the spikes on a stegosaurus's tail, and adopted "thagomizer".

Age of Strife : The players often joked that whenever the dice rolled a 99, the resulting critical success was the result of Tzeentch intervening as part of a plot.

The sacred number of tzeentch being 9. This impression picked up speed when a number of 99 rolls ended up giving the protagonists forbidden knowledge and mutations.

In the final battle of the pilgrimage arc, which takes place in an expanding warp rift, Tzeentch blatantly assists Mirande by amplifying her Burning Blood mutation to cover the battlefield in mutagenic flames whenever her biomancy construct is cut. Films - Animation. Disney apparently noticed the popularity of the "Hipster Disney Princess '" meme, because they made official Funko Pop! Hipster Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine figures. Others, like Cinerella, followed.

Films - Live-Action. Jackson insisted that the working title be kept because it had become a meme. The line "I've had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane! Sometime in the mid-'90s, one of the Turner networks aired Oz with Dark Side as an alternate audio track such tracks are usually reserved for Spanish dubbing if available.

Figwit the elf from The Lord of the Rings film series. A background extra played by Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords who appears in a shot following Frodo's acceptance of the ring the name standing for Frodo Is Great Who Is That? Peter Jackson specifically brought him back for The Return of the King because of the popularity of the meme, even giving him a couple lines this time around.

The meme was also referenced in the flavor text of his Decipher card as a "nickname". The video was made as a farewell on Bloom's last day of shooting. Or a Team Tyler's Van shirt.

The name "Pinhead" was a nickname given to him by fans of the movie. It wasn't until the second movie that Pinhead became his official name. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl : Barbossa was never given a first name, But Johnny Depp jokingly referred to him as "Hector" in the commentary, which caught on with some of the fans. Cut to the third movie, and Hector is his official name. So Coulson was brought back from the dead with suggestions at suspicious circumstances for the Agents of S.

A common complaint in the fanbase for post- Avengers movies like Iron Man 3 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier was "why doesn't the hero call in the Avengers to deal with that big problem?

Speaking of Winter Soldierone scene early on featured list of things Cap wanted to view. Later on, Natasha makes a WarGames reference, and Cap responds that he understood that reference. Avengers: Infinity War features a few of these: Red Skull turns out to be - of the Soul Stone, confirming a long running fan theory that he didn't actually die at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger and was simply teleported to another plane of existence by the Tesseract.

During the final battle in Wakanda, Rocket eyeballs Bucky's metal arm and attempts to buy it off him. When confronting Thanos Star-Lord calls Thanos "Grimace" and threatens to blow his "nutsack of a chin" off his face if he doesn't let go of Gamora.

He shows up to save the Badass Crew by destroying an enemy platoon and tank single-handed. After some brief words he walks off, like he's got more dangerous shit to deal with. He even gets to recite his personal favorite Chuck Norris Fact during his first appearance: Ross: "I heard you once got bit by a king cobra. Booker: "That's right, and after five days of agonizing pain Prior to the seventh book, Draco Malfoy's family home had never appeared or been named, though it was implied to be some kind of castle or mansion.

Fans assigned it the name "Malfoy Manor"which became ubiquitous in - before eventually being made canon in Deathly Hallows. Star Wars Legends : Several books, including Scoundrelsmake a point of how Han either Shot First or failed to so, in different circumstances. Similarly, Admiral Ackbar is semi-regularly given longer lines containing the phrase "It's a trap! In the Honor Harrington series, the abbreviations "SD P " and "podnaught" for missile pod-laying superdreadnoughts started out as fan nicknames on David Weber 's messageboard.

The Romulan spirituality of the Elements something resembling animism with a heavy dose of the concept of karma actually began as a Internet messageboard joke as the proto-Romulans prepared to leave Vulcan. It started to get discussed seriously and then gradually had its original meaning forgotten over the subsequent 1,plus years.

Carl Sagan never said the phrase "Billions and billions" In the foreword, he even lampshades the situation. One of Citadel 's chapters, Origins includes a question and answer session with William Power, the Citadel's most prominent operative.

A number of the questions came from the readers. The Queen's Thief books by Megan Whalen Turner were called that by its fans, since there wasn't an official title for all of them. With the year reprinting and announcement of the fifth book, Turner and her publishers have officially dubbed the books the Queen's Thief series. The Stormlight Archive : After fans had discussed for a while the potential existence of other forms of weapons similar to Shardblades such as Shardspears or Shardarrowsone fan posted this list of tongue-in-cheek "predictions" for the third book of the series, which culminates in Lift getting a Shardfork.

This became somewhat of a meme on the official forums. Then, in the novella Edgedancer, she does, but finds its Absurd Cutting Power tendencies make it very impractical to eat with. A Running Gag in the comments section of Worm has a character saying, "Meh, I could take her" in reference to the protagonist, due to how she is frequently underestimated.

Jack Slash says a paraphrase of the line in the story. Say, something on the order of Orbital Bombardment? Live-Action TV. Game of Thrones : An in-universe example is the Lannisters' catchphrase, "A Lannister always pays his debts," which is used so frequently that Bran mistakes it for their official motto which is actually "Hear Me Roar".

He actually takes note of this in the beginning of Season 6. And then he dies. Gendry's eventual return in season 7 earns the remark "Thought you'd still be rowing" from Davos. Gendry perpetually rowing became a meme after he was smuggled out of Dragonstone on a rowboat in season 3 and was never heard from until this point.

In "The Mountain and the Viper", those are the only two songs mentioned in the brothel's belching contest. In Season 7, Arya comes across a group of Lannister soldiers singing a song. She quips she's never heard it before, and they reply it's a new one. House : The fandom's name for the Thirteen-Foreman pairing, Foreteen or Fourteenwas actually used by House himself.

But no one ever called him by name. So the fans started calling him "Cancer Man". By Season 3, so did Mulder. In Lostfans gave the smoke monster the nickname 'Smokey'. In season 6, Sawyer referred to him by this name justified by the fact that Sawyer gives everyone creative nicknames. Star Trek: Enterprise : There was a recurring mysterious time traveller pulling the strings of several plots points in the show, and was never identified and given a name.

Middlesex County is a county located in north-central New Jersey, United States. In , the Census Bureau estimated the county's population at , making it the state's second-most populous county, an increase of from , in the danydusausoit.comt city: Edison (population), Monroe Township (area). Kate Upton and her dog Harley in In , she was ranked the fifth-sexiest model by She ranked #3 on the American publication of's Top 99 Women for In , she was listed on Maxim ' s Hot list, citing her photo shoots with Sports Illustrated. Although pornography in Japan has a long history and is a major business, until recently, the adult video industry did not develop a broad-based set of awards for sales or performance such as the AVN Awards in American pornography. That has changed in recent years, and the two primary awards given at present (which are covered in separate articles) are the AV Grand Prix for retail and.

Fans often referred to him with the name Future Guy. Then the creators of the show also used it. Although the term never actually appeared in the show. It was titled Furt. The pairing names continued to show up throughout the series, including the names for the more obscure fanon couples i.

At the big double wedding of season 6, the characters hand out OTP hats. For a Discovery Channel contest, Awkward Zombie creator Katie Tiedrich created a MythBusters fan-short about firing a pig from a cannon made entirely out of duct tape.

The pig thing isn't too implausible, as the 'Busters do use pig carcasses as human analogues, but the "duct tape cannon" seemed like pure ridiculousness.

The 30 Flyest Suits, Bags, Shoes, Watches, and Chairs of the Season. Feast your eyes on the Style-approved fashion and design you need right now. Antigonish [I met a man who wasn't there] - Yesterday, upon the stair, Yesterday, upon the stair, - The Academy of American Poets is the largest membership-based nodanydusausoit.comofit organization fostering an appreciation for contemporary poetry and supporting American poets. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, a leader of the British Romantic movement, was born on October 21, , in Devonshire, England. His father, a vicar of a parish and master of a grammar school, married twice and had fourteen children. The youngest child in the family, Coleridge was a student at his father's.

The short didn't win the contest Fringe The fandom names for the alternate Walter and Olivia, "Walternate" prior to his reveal and "Fauxlivia" following her introductionhave both been canonized by the show. Sesame Street : The show was the focus of an uproar whereby Cookie Monster was purported to have drastically reduced his cookie intake, or even given them up altogether and been renamed the Veggie Monster.

In any case, over the course of the whole show, he's more of an Extreme Omnivore for whom cookies are a Trademark Favorite Food ; he's happily eaten vegetables, fruit, and numerous random objects. The show has referenced this firestorm on a few occasions. In one sketch, Cookie Monster is about to eat some fruit when interviewer Matt Lauer confronts him about why he " doesn't like cookies ", to which the monster replies "You members of media blow story waaaay out of proportion!

Me still Cookie Monster. Just for record. Me got reputation to think of. Jim Hensonthe creator of said characters, had said this was just a coincidence. What's the matter with you two guys?

Years later, Norman said in a review " Originally in the Bonus Round on Wheel of Fortunea contestant would have to pick five consonants and a vowel to assist in solving the bonus puzzle within a time limit. By the late s, almost every contestant was picking R, S, T, L, N and E in that order, because those letters are the most common.

The song duly went viral and even made the UK Top 40 charts. Later, when he appeared on TV magic show The MagiciansWallace took the opportunity during his illusion to enthusiastically quote the song, much to the joy of the audience. Saturday Night Live Miley Cyrus is evidently a fan of the sketch "The Miley Cyrus Show", starring Vanessa Bayer as Cyrus, and has often incorporated the sketch's "prrrretty cool" catchphrase on her Twitter account her sister Noah is also known to use it in YouTube videos.

Also, this Instagram post. The Ahnold parodies Hans and Franz used to mock what they described as "girlie men". Arnold Schwarzenegger himself used the phrase and given the years following the sketches saw political correctness started to ramp up, at times with moral outrage. The phrase would eventually make it into an episode.

It's been a running joke among Gossip Girl fans that Chuck and Nate are practically lovers. In season five, Jack Bass makes a comment on how it's about time Nate professed his true feelings for Chuck.

Also with regards to Nate, fans have been joking about how many of his love interests are cougars. In an early season five episode, Chuck Bass, of all people, turns to Nate for advice on seduction since the woman he has his eyes on is Chuck claims Nate "speaks old lady". On a page advertising a cardboard standup of Jess from New Girl on their website, FOX officially called her "everyone's favorite manic pixie dream girl.

Also, in one episode Jess gets mistaken for an attractive doctor's date, whom he knows only through her dating profile picture They're minerals" became associated with Breaking Bad despite Hank not actually saying the line itself during his mineral collecting phase. He does however say the first sentence in the Season 5 episode "Confessions" The "I am the one who knocks! Top Gear : The presenters' use of the term "Flappy Paddle Gearbox" to describe Semi-Automatic Transmission has led to many car manufacturers and reviewers adopting the term themselves.

Cheers : In the episode "What is Cliff Clavin? Carl Sagan is famous for the way he described the universe's multitude of stars in Cosmos although he didn't, until he said it as a joke in a book foreword.

In the reboot, Neil deGrasse Tyson mentions that the invention of zero is useful for writing "billions and billions". Claus with their unlimited budgets.

When the Speedy Techno Remake of Caramelldansen was turned into the Caramelldansen Vi the band Caramell saw it and decided to base the official music video on it but use the remix of course, not the slower original song. They also made the Japanese mondegreens into the official Japanese version.

Well, here I am saying "Uai"! Pro Wrestling. Paul Heyman liked the name so much he gave it to Perry Saturn's swinging fisherman's suplex finisher. During the first Smackdown feud between John Cena and Brock LesnarCena once referred to Lesnar as a "vanilla gorilla," a common internet nickname for Lesnar.

Funnier when you consider that Scott actually has a similar term for Cena's finishing sequence, but I imagine Cena didn't think "Five Moves of Mediocrity" was as catchy to swipe on TV. A running gag on the Wrestlecrap message boards was that the thing WWE truly needed was a wrestler with a primadonna gimmick in the vein of Terrell Owens.

Then came the debut of Montel Vontavious Porter. Gorilla Monsoon 's complaints that tag team matches should have two referees eventually mutated into a meme. Then Dragon Gate introduced the " Gate To Heaven " match, one of the details being that it was a tag team match with two referees.

Another Monsoon example. He was the first to say that Bret Hart had "excellence of execution," which, once a "the" was added, became one of Bret's Red Barons.

Matt Striker also referenced it at WrestleManiatelling Natalya "Good luck in your future endeavors" after she slapped Mr. McMahon in the face. Also used in TNAwhere Jeremy Borash frequently wishes the person losing their job in the "Feast Or Fired" match "the best of luck in their future endeavours".

It was also on a shirt, briefly, though it and the rest of the "Kayfabe" line of shirts didn't sell well and were quickly removed. The Cornette Face, made popular by Botchamaniabecame an Ascended Meme when Jim Cornette himself asked to talk to a fan who brought a sign of said face to a pro wrestling show.

And after TNA Victory Road a notoriously horrible Pay Per View that was "highlighted" by one of its main event competitors coming to the ring so under the influence, the match was canceled in the ring and the show was cut short, Cornette tweete "Just watched TNA I have to come up with a new face. A few weeks later, she won a Slammy. Same thing with the "Shocked Undertaker Fan.

One day, he got the Undertaker himself to make his famous face. In the "Lakers vs. Nuggets" episode of RawBatista made his entrance with a basketball in his hands. This is a reference to his "Basketballs WWE has pretty much stolen the spotlight out of this lately, such as "The Genesis of the McGillicutty" speech and "He spilled my diet soda! In most recent episodes, this has been lampshaded by the other rookies, Matt Striker, and even his new pro, Dolph Ziggler.

On the episode of Raw, Edge mocked Sheamus and called him Beaker. The fans took it and ran with it. Fast forward to the October 31st show, where the Muppets are guest hosts, and Sheamus and Beaker meet. True Long Island Story". His show frequently bemoaned the fact that he was being ignored by WWE, often using double entendres aimed at Smart Marks. And ironically, in this role he received one hell of a good push. Not long after, Cena helped promote Fruity Pebbles by having his likeness posted on the cereal's boxes.

But that's not all InFandango openly addressed the fact his fans were " Fandangoing ". The week after it took off, Jerry Lawler hosted an entire segment dedicated to it. The naming of the tag team of Daniel Bryan and Kane was put up to a fan vote When she's not throwing scary Death Glaresshe kills people ruthlessly.

Bath parties think the other is trying to mug them, but Scary Black Man finds out Schmidt and Winston are looking for crack, Schmidt and Winston find out Scary Black Man was just offering them help, and they part amicably. The Office (US): Stanley is grumpy and rude, but not very intimidating at all. Sometimes a meme about a work, that wasn't in the work before, catches the eye of the people responsible for that work, and they decide to actually put it in the that this is not about references to unrelated memes, which would just be a Shout-Out. Can be an in-joke for an Ascended Fanboy character, or a Promoted Fanboy who makes sure it'll be in the show. Younger Now is the sixth studio album by American singer Miley was released on September 29, , by RCA began planning a commercial follow-up record to her fourth album Bangerz while simultaneously making her experimental fifth album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz in , although later became influenced by her reconciliation with fiance Liam Hemsworth in Genre: Country pop, pop rock.

Serrano from the Major League movies starts off as an example, then subverts it all to hell after becoming a Buddhist in the second film. Diary of the Dead. The teenaged protagonists are captured by what appear to be black gang members led by a softly-spoken badass who is the embodiment of this trope. The group are visibly nervous, with the Ms. Fanservice of the group pulling her coat across her cleavage for the only time in the entire movie.

It turns out they're ex-National Guard who end up after some aggressive negotiating giving them the supplies they need - which ironically enough are stolen by a group of white National Guardsmen. In The Fingers of Dr. T has the bare-chested elevator operator in the executioner's hood.

Those EYES! And the song was freaky, too, as he talked about the "assorted simple tortures" awaiting the prisoners in the dungeon. Even the normally unflappable Mr. Zabladowski was visibly unnerved by him. In the version of The Taking of Pelham One Two Threethe trope is subverted when a female hostage asks a black man if he has a plan to fight their abductors. The annoyed man asks if she is asking because he's black, but she explains that she saw he was wearing a ring that marks him as a veteran of the elite US Airborne paratroopers.

District 9 has the Nigerian gangsters, especially the leader Obesandjo who is confined to a wheelchair but is still scary as hell. Lieutenant Mailer, the Infected soldier in 28 Days Later.

Basically the entire oeuvre of Ving Rhames. Oftentimes, this will be subverted, as in the Mission: Impossible movies, where he turns out to be a Genius Bruiser and a very nice guy. But just as often, it's played straight. Fully half of his film roles seem to be as violent criminals with names like "Animal" and "Diamond Dog. Foley Louis Gossett Jr. Justified as it's his role as Drill Sergeant Nasty.

Parodied in Pineapple Express by Matheson. He is strangely effeminate and in touch with his feelings. He is still a stonecold killer, however. Played with in Raising Arizona : Prison Counselor: Why do you say you feel "trapped" in a man's body?

Scary Black Convict: Well, sometimes I get them menstrual cramps real hard. Thor: You're big. I've fought bigger. Robinson: "You want a player who doesn't have the guts to fight back? Rickey: "No.

I want a player who's got the guts not to fight back. The man is so large and frightening that Yvain outright asks if he's some kind of ogre. Mildly insulted, the Moor instead says he's a man just like Yvain, and politely explains that he is a humble cow-herd tending his flocks.

Yvain asks if there are any good adventures worth having for a knight to have in the region. The Moor doesn't know what he means by "adventure", so Yvain explains that knights ride around looking for great fights to get into with strangers an inaccurate description, because knights are also supposed to defend the weak. Hawk in Robert B. Parker 's Spenser series is this, though it is partly an intentionally cultivated image.

Pagan from David Gemmell's King beyond the gate. When Pagan is cornered by Joinings Werebeasts He single handedly kills nine before being brought down.

Added to this the nearest kill count by one person is three Tom Robinson in To Kill a Mockingbird is accused of this. Of course, it's wrong. In the Alamut Hassan, leader of the Ismailis, had a personal regiment of African eunuchs of massive stature bearing maces. They stood within the fortress never saying a word just glaring at people. One thinks Hassan deliberately put them at the top of his extremely tall stairway just to give people a scare. Goes with the territory, even if he's one of the heroes.

Played closer to straight in Native Son by the same author. He doesn't usually have the phenotype of a black person, it's just that his skin is so dark that it almost seems to repel light.

The Wheel of Time plays with this. Most dark-skinned characters Juilin, Siuan, Leane, and many, many others aren't villains, with the exception of the sadist Forsaken Semirhage, the resident Scary Black Woman.

In 5th Century Britain. He's actually a friendly, if taciturn, man and a good friend - but he's also a terrifyingly effective warrior, and because of his dark skin his Saxon enemies believe him to be a demon. Detective Arthur Brown plays on this image in the 87th Precinct novels; using it to his advantage. In one of the movies based on the books, he was played by Ving Rhames.

Kishon manages to confuse him by speaking Hebrew and acting clueless about the mugger's intention. When he tells his relative how he was not-mugged and what he did she is shocked. He stops being scary when you get to know him, particularly because he's a modern day Paladin. The real deal, with a holy sword and everything.

At one point he deliberately takes advantage of both tropes to get a captured mook to talk by threatening in an exaggerated Russian accent to break him in half and throw him into an incinerator. Thresh from The Hunger Games. Katniss believes that he would be a nice guy if left to his own devices. Under the circumstanceshowever, he's not above smashing people's heads in with rocks.

Alamut : The bodyguards of ibn Sabbah are huge, strong, black, and frightening. A Vietnam vet who is no less scary for the fact that is missing both legs from the knee down.

When you're the most likely suspect for killing your niece's rapistyou are this trope. Maccomo from Lionboy hails from Africa, and while he isn't the Big Ba he is still one of the most dangerous, cunning, and cruel characters in the entire series. Malcolm from Jonathan Wood's urban fantasy Hero series. Malcolm is part of a vigilante paranormal investigator group called the Weekenders.

They're a trio composed of Aiko, Jazmine and Malcolm. Aiko is a conspiracy nut first-grade teacher, Jazmine is a teen-aged dropout and then there's Malcolm Malcolm was in the military and was dishonorably discharged, and then he was with the Blackwater PMC and he got canned from them too! Practically all the other prisoners are afraid of him. Inf act, they only obey his brother's commands because they do not want him to set Billy on them.

He's a giant of a man and an excellent swordsman, who's introduced to the story when he comes out of nowhere and slaughters four men who have cornered Blanche. The people of Alba, most of whom have never seen a black man in their lives, initially thingk he's a demon she's summoned. While he can be very fearsome due to his imposing stature, red eyes and sharp fangs, he does have a softer side being a Reluctant Monster or feeling bad about kidnapping Eliana to be Inverno's bride.

Live-Action TV. In Rainbowman's case, the first Scary Black Man is drugged and made to fight the title hero. He speaks perfect Japanese before he is drugged, then afterward he does nothing but grunt.

Colonel Ike Dubaku of Sangala from They are both gigantic, and are more than capable of looking extremely scary Dot Com is actually The Smart Guy -he is a graduate of Wesleyan and has a way of being the smartest guy in the room that Jack Donaghy finds "off-putting". Granada Television's The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series, starring Jeremy Brettare known for being very faithful to the original stories, but in "The Adventure of the Three Gables", supporting villain Steve Dixie gets upgraded from a broad comic "negro" stereotype to a quiet, dangerous, and genuinely scary black man.

Baracus from The A-Team. He's played by Mr. Most goons seem suitably cowed when he gets in their face. His first scene has him billeted with Space Fighter pilot Warren Keffer because B5 wasn't built to hold 25, Marines on short notice. Keffer walks in and starts complaining, and Large comes up to him.

He's a good foot taller and wider, and asks if he's got a problem, "airboy". Keffer: Yeah, I got a problem. Just give me a minute to find a ladder, and we'll hash it out face to face.

Everyday Normal Guy 2

Large: beatthen Large bursts out laughing He's all right. You're all right, baby. Bad combination! Chevy: Mr. Wilson, you'll be the highest paid janitor in America. Just, don't hurt me, please. Chicago Blues singer Howlin' Wolf was 6'3" and pounds, and had a voice that made him sound like he was fifteen feet tall.

His physical presence and raw, dark, intense vocal style was well known for scaring the living bejesus out of his audience. Maxim Reality of The Prodigy. MC Ride of Death Grips. Pro Wrestling. Abdullah the Butchera professional wrestling pioneer. He had scars on his forehead from frequently being cut and since he hailed from Sudan, he doubled as a Foreign Wrestling Heel. Jack Veneno and Lightning Hernandez, rivals who were pushed as "new stars" during the s on the Dominican Republic television program International Wrestling.

Bad News Brown a. Bad News Allen. Real name Allen Coage, Olympic bronze medalist in judo, generally considered one of the most legitimate badasses in pro wreslting history Kamala fit this trope to a tee in the late s, as did Zeus. Ron Simmons. Professional Wrestling 's best example: New Jack : he's a former bounty hunter with four confirmed kills, oh and that isn't Kayfabe.

In an interview he says he's glad he wasn't victim to a botch, he tried pushing him off the thirty foot ledge. And that his favorite match was the Mass Transit incident where a 17 year old was almost killed. He also had a big scar on the top of his head, which invoked memories of a certain someone.

I tells ya, those things are just creepy Nelson Frazier, the man behind V, started with WWE infirst as the rapper Mabel, then as the aristocrat King Mabel, then the gothic Viscera, and then as the world's largest love machine.

However, he has always been a scary black man, as anybody who saw him break The Undertaker's face in 95 can tell you. Though at least, in those incarnations, he had a shirt. WWE wrestler Mark Henry is a few inches shorter and a lbs lighter than Frazier, but, at 6'1", lbs, he's still a whole lot of Scary Black Man, and is certainly more effective at the role.

Not to mention he's the World's Strongest Man and is well aware of that fact. If he ever comes back from an injuryturns faceor turns heelyou better stay the hell out of his way for awhile. The latest and greatest example of this has been his "Hall of Pain" monster heel push in latewhere he dominated several other big men, kayfabe broken their legs, tossed anyone of smaller status and stature around like rag dolls, effortlessly kicked out of Starship Painand even beat Randy Orton clean TWICE for the World Heavyweight title.

Some would say he's WWE's best booked heel in years. Half-black, half-Japanese, all badass. As her awesome theme song put it: God made the devil just for fun. Marcus Roddy and Darnell Butler are made slightly less scary by the fact they're Gentle Giantsbut Bobby Jacks is a professional boxer who has few qualms about playing the game to win, Marcus is one of the biggest students on the island during version one, and Darnell happens to be his school's most skilled fighter on top of being a star athlete, and strong enough that he is said to have once picked up a 6'11", pound player on an opposing football team and slammed him to the ground.

Phil from Avatar Adventures.

Antigonish [I met a man who wasn't there]

Not actually a scary person he is an angel after allbut he won't hesitate to kick some ass. Marcus from Darwin's Soldiers fits this trope. Huge, black, muscular and can take ludicrous amounts of punishment. Tabletop Games. A non-human example from Warhammer would be the Black Orcs. The Chaos Dwarfs wanted a Slave Race that could do their fighting for them, and so created a strain of Orcs that were stronger, smarter, and more patient and focused than the average greenskin.

In the Orc and Goblin army lists, Black Orcs are the Soldiers to the normal greenskin Warriorssuperior units who are able to quell lesser Orcs' infighting and rowdiness with a stern glare.

Black Orc warlords are unsurprisingly some of the most fearsome generals in the setting. Warhammer 40, features the Salamanders, a Space Marine chapter from a Death World with high UV levels, whose already dark skin eventually turns pitch black accompanied by glowing red eyes due to a quirk of the Marines' genetic enhancement. Their armies are famed and feared for their expertise with flamers, melta weaponsand thunder hammersas well as the masterwork quality of their wargear in general.

And ultimately the Salamanders are a subversion of this trope and a rare example of unquestionable heroism in 40k 's setting of Black and Gray Morality - during the Third War for Armageddon a Salamanders commander nearly started a feud with another company of Space Marines after striking their officer for ordering a bombardment on a refugee camp under Ork attack, and while other chapters sought glory on the battlefield, the Salamanders also lent their technical expertise to repairing Armageddon's infrastructure, saving uncountable civilian lives.

Panther in Exalted is large, black, angry and is remarkably good at scaring the shit out of people. He was an Elemental, a genetically engineered- super infantry warrior who stood more than eight feet tall. He was also Hot-Bloode impulsive, and aggressive- when he was in charge of his Clan, he tried to fix their perpetual resource problem by simply raiding all their neighbors.

Also an Elemental and of similar stature to Khan Osis, Santin West was known for being calm, level-headed, and fairly congenial. Pathfinder has Linxia Benzekri, who's essentially a Gender Flip of this trope. Near the end of David Mamet 's Edmon the main character ends up being the victim of Prison Rape by one of these. The titular character in Othello is seen this way by his enemies, and apart from the quiet part can be played this way even.

By his friends too one would assume. Othello is a soldier and after all it is a soldier's job to be scary so one would assume his friends would like to think him good at his job even if Othello wasn't scary to them personally. Shakespeare also gives us Aaron the Moor from Titus Andronicusan over-the-top Card-Carrying Villain who happens to be on what might be the less-evil side. Brutus Jones in Eugene O'Neill's The Emperor Jones is an escaped convict who murdered his friend and escaped from prison after killing a guard before taking over the island where the play is set.

Video Games. The Thug enemy in Hotline Miami is a Scary Black Man: they are one of the only enemies that doesn't use a weaponcan sponge up more shots than regular mooks, is a little bit faster than other enemies, and will seriously mess you up if you're stupid enough to even pick a melee fight with or without a melee weapon with him.

And he happens to be scary, black, and big. T with an Arm Cannon Back Alley Brawler from City of Heroes Yeah, I was sick. Dudleyon the other hand, is a subversion. Dr John of Gabriel Knight seems to be a subversion at first - he has the build to be a Scary Black Man, but not the personality.

How Post Malone Became Pop's King of Heartbreak

The eye of solid gold and Sinister Scythe merely add to it. Joker in Mega Man Star Force - particularly notable since he seems to be the only character in the series to outright kill someone Dragon Age : Dragon Age: Origins mixes it up a little with the Scary Large Ambiguously Brown Qunari Stenwho tends to speak very little and utilize a very big stick the game lighting renders him a moderately-dark brown, though the texture maps for his skin are nearly black.

If you talk to the guy who took Sten's sword with him in your party, you even get to refer to him as "my large, angry friend.

Either way, though, they tend to be The Stoic and also the biggest guy in the room by a large marginwhich makes them pretty scary no matter what color their skin is. Potemkin from Guilty Gear is black or at least very, very dark-skinne enormous, and hugely strong - he sketches in his spare time, but needs special supplies, as he breaks ordinary pencils just by trying to use them, applying several tons of pressure.

He's also one of nicest guys in the entire series. Venom from the same series is a subversion, however he's cold, calculating and ruthless. Spartn X2 also introduces burly sailor-slash-drug dealer Billy Beiry.

The Demoman from Team Fortress 2. Although when he's not drunk off his head and blowing people up in armed combathe's a very nice guy who dotes on his old blind mother. Averted with Valve's zombie shooter, Left 4 Dea in which the only black character is the least assuming of the lot, being a soft-spoken, white collar whose only fame was a fanon-based love for pills The others are, for comparison, a tall and burly Badass Biker thug, an old man who is a Retired Badass on account of being a War vet, and a female college student who has the advantage of being Genre Savvy.

Left 4 Dead 2 plays it straight with Coach, the fat black guy who's often seen in artwork with a chainsaw, even though his disposition is very level-headed and kind. Emile from Halo: Reach. Although you never see his face and it's not directly stated that he's black, you can tell from his voice and concept art that he is black. He has difficulty properly dealing with people outside of the military, and was planned to be replaced on missions against insurrectionists because the way he treated them would scare civilians.

He also has a shotgun. And the big honkin' knife on his pauldron. And the skull he carved into his visor. Something has to be said that such a visor would be designed to withstand bullets and white-hot plasma, but he went ahead and knifed a pretty elaborate carving into it. Kold from Tomb Raider: Anniversary.

He's an extremely large, extremely strong black man the chief henchman of the main villainhe speaks in a gravelly, threatening voice, and he likes to stab people with his extremely large knife. Sandman from the Punch-Out!! He levels up in scariness in Title Defense mode where he gets pissed off at Little Mac for basking in the glory of his fans and the camera zooms in on Sandman's face. Also occurs in the in between round segments where he says something like "Did you brush your teeth, Little Mac?

It's bed time! Even Hulk would be envious! Father Rodin from Bayonetta. He beats up demons with his bare fists, steals their souls, and converts them into Bayonetta's weapons.

Also, when given the "Platinum Ticket", he goes from scary black man to scary black celestial deity!. Mad Jack from Heavy Rain. He's so scary, he has a skull in his acid bath.

Ganondorf, from The Legend of Zeldais a terrifying black man. Though he's more Ambiguously Brown than anything, he certainly counts, up until he goes One-Winged Angel.

He's also kind of green, which mitigates it further. He's a big, scary, wields a mean knifepractices voodoo, and is an experimental improved Ghost who may or may not be a Psycho Prototype.

The only reason he joins Raynor is because he really hates Mengsk and the Dominion - his hatred of the Dominion is so strong it disturbs Matt Horner. You can meet him at one point in the first level, to which he replies 'Not. A growling voice, a perpetually scowling face, a master of converting his own flesh into a potpourri of weaponshe is possibly the most dangerous black man in Manhattan. He is most certainly African-American with some white mixed in.

He practically never talks Both games show that he can use weapons just fine He also suffers from some form of dementia. Abobo the mohawked boss version of Bolo from the arcade version of Double Dragon resembles Mr. T and can break walls with his bare hands. Meyer from The Orion Conspiracy is very much this. He is the engineer of the space station, but do not be fooled! He will cuss and insult you most of the time. He has a problem respecting authority. He also tells Devlin that he was a soldier in the Corporation War, and even as an engineer, he can take care of himself and kick a lot of ass.

Deus from Asura's Wrathin a world where most other characters are lighter skinned and or Asian descent. The Tales Series has a few. Barbatos Goetia the "No items ever"boss from Tales of Destiny 2. Brown skinned, large, and such a nasty guy that historians opted to remove him from recorded history; something he seeks to rectify when he gets revived. It's hard not to like him despite his evilness, though, largely thanks to who he's voiced by. In the same series, Tales of Rebirth gives us two examples.

The second example is Tohma, who is very much an Evil Genius Manipulative Bastard who likes to fuck with people's heads for no other reason than because their despair makes him laugh. He forms a particularly horrible Salt and Pepper duo with his partner, the pasty-faced Saleh. Their interactions are pretty much the two of them trying to out-do each other in Moral Event Horizon crossing. Jiao from Tales of Xillia. He's massive compared to everyone else in the cast, and wields a similarly gigantic hammer in battle.

He's not really a bad guy, though At least not anymoreand is easily the most calm and level-headed out of the Chimeriad members. In Tales of Xillia 2an alternate version of him really emphasizes the "scary" part. A scary black man with a thunder hammera bolt pistoland Psychic Powers. Yet he also does the one thing you would never expect an Inquisitor to do: admit he was wrong about his accusation of heresy and daemonic corruption.

Too bad the game implies and novelization outright states that he was a spy all along. The first Saints Row gave us the leading members of the Vice Kings, with the foremost being its leader Benjamin King, who's a Genius Bruiser with a Badass Baritone and is the man who as he said himself effectively turned a group of practically ineffectual bangers into one of the most powerful gangs in Stillwater. True, Warren Williams and Anthony Green are intimidating in their own right, but it's Ben King that's got both of them beat.

Juroung from Strider is a large, Badass Baritone black man with control over water and a fanatical admiration towards Grandmaster Meiowho keeps the entirety of the underworld under control in his name and is more than happy to crush those who dare oppose him. Butch from Guilty Party is a subversion. He's by far the tallest and most muscular detective, and he's directly inspired by Shaft.

However, he's actually a Gentle Giant with a high-pitched voice and gentle mannerismsnot to mention a huge romantic streak. He is reportedly a badass who fell in love with his wife at first punchbut in-game, he's one of the nicest characters. Garrosh Hellscreamthough an orc, fits the Warcraft universe's standard of this being 'other' and considered scary. He is belligerent, quite tall and bulky, wields a massive battle-axe, and is voiced by none other than Patrick Seitz.

Hailing from Nigeria, Overwatch's Doomfist, despite being a stoic man of a few words, comes equipped with a huge gauntlet capable of punching someone across the room while also being a member of Talon's inner council.

He is extremely musclebound and carries a M61A1 20mm multi-barreled "Vulcan" auto-cannon, ripped from a downed F as well as a refrigerator-sized ammo pack on his back. Leisure Suit Larry 1: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards has a tall black mugger who clobbers players that wander into dark alleys.

Possibly due to racial implicationsthe VGA remake replaced him with a green-mohawked white punk named Nigel. X of Fallout 4 is an Institute Courser, and what happens when you combine the physical appearance of Blade with the cold ruthless personality of the Terminatorwith a dash of Agent Smith 's smug sociopathy.

Yep, he's an immensely creepy guy. He's also a Vietnam vet with the skills to match and is willing to turn an entire city upside down just to spite the people he hates the most. They're twin sisters who run a gang of ruthless bandits. Played with in regards to Benny in Fire Emblem Fates : he's a Dark-Skinned Blond Mighty Glacier in black armor, has a personal ability that suggests that he strikes fear into the heart of enemies, and is kind of a Memetic Badass in story thanks to tales about him being a One-Man Army

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