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Tammy NYP sister!! scandal again??

I is 2nd!! I rather Rockson post once in a while and its a good post rather than other people every few days anyhow blog things that are just trying too hard to be funny. WA LAU!! Oh no! Seeing that same guy in your '2nd link' not referring to Tuas! Think you can see the link in the comment box at www.

Instead got this guy's video blogging wearing woman clothes. Quite gross actually.

something and good

No wonder ST reporters couldn't find the video! He must've seen horrible Steven Lim instead! Hey, u heard about the year old Ahma granny who had sex with her 70 year old lover below a HDB void deck in Bishan, in broad daylight in the open?!!! And worse still, she brings her toddler grandson together with her in a pram and he watches them too! Along with other passerbys. Damn gross! Even more shameful and more disgraceful than what any young couple has ever done.

Some more, it's NOT her husband, but her outside lover! Wah, society damn cruel to young pple. Old pple do shameless things and they are treated with leniancy! They are young and foolish, that's all I can say As for how to last longer, read this Finally im within the top Wah, ur blog took forver to write. I was expecting some gahmen thing, din expect this NYP video hoohaa which my fren just told me this morning.

Ha ha Part 2 and 3 are so turn off dude, i was still laughing at ur entry, but when i saw the clip, i fainted.

Think this Steven has ADD, when will he stop being such an ass? Somemore dress lyk that Now onli blog hah!!! Got good story line onli blog hah!!

NYP got good student mah know how to have fun leh KNN gahment onli say cannot fuck right But they also fuck or else how to get children? You are still a free man?

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I thot u so long never blog because you kena arrested leh Welcome back! A new post, and its on the hottest news in town! I have not watch the video yet. But many told me its nothing fantastic? You should be careful with the images you are posting. This is Sillypore, not US of A.

your business!

Might be charged for distributing pornographic material. Anyone with any sense will realise this is a private affair and this is an intrusion of their privacy.

But against, privacy is not a right guranteed under our Consitution.

NYP Tammy

I can only say their actions are due to pure stupidity. Who would be that dumb enough to record their sex acts on a mobile phone?

agree, remarkable

Well, i can only say she bought this upon herself. On the other hand, whoever started the mass circulations should stop doing it now. Anyway, it will take some time before the flame dies off, recall the Paris Hilton sex videos etc. Been too long without news man. I was just thinking it's time you wrote something about all the craps that have been happening recently and you did.

Rockson is actually Steven Lim in disguise!! Note the narcissism alikeness in both. Me thinks Tammy looks great, on top, below and from behind. Crazy Horse will be pleased to recruit her.

I was looking for tammy video but found your blog instead Your blog better Keep it up! Who cares about the guy? Name me a male porn actor in 5 sec She's dumb enough to keep it in the phone. So why she still keep it on the phone?

To show her friends? To watch while the lesson gets boring? To help her cum while she touch herself? Fcuk la, nothing much from the clip, jus a porn-star wannebe arsehole trying to be jackie chan self-direct,self-act,self-produce.

I bet it could even be a conspiracy that his bf assure her to film it, using HER hp so that its under her care, wont get leaked outthen somehow her hp got stolen.

Jus a deduction. Piss out. COS Y? He should't be mentioning his own name. This guy maybe his good friend.

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So where is Rockson. My email is The owner doesn't seem to think the data in her phone is essential. She should be quit well off, bought a new phone played with the video recording. Or went disco or pub but left the phone on table and expect the bouncers to look after.

useful piece recommend

Wah lan eh u Keep it up Why no part one? I got! Post such an obscence pic.

just saw the video myself on other links. i must agree with most other american blogs that she gives good head!!! this is what we hokkiens call going to the loo and forgetting to clean your arse. both NYP and Tammy emailed some of the overseas websites to take down the videos, which they did, for 5 minutes. shows you nobody outside of sillypore Author: Rockson. Tammy Nyp is a cheerleader and student from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)in Singapore. In February , Tammy's mobile phone was stolen and a minute sex . Tammy NYP Sex Video. Sex sells and oh boy, how people are profiteering from someone's plight at the moment. The now widely sought after sex video of year-old Tammy and her boyfriend engaging in sexual intercourse on school grounds is probably the hottest stuff on the internet at the moment.

My dad just nice walked past sia. He thought i surfing porn. Chee Bye!!!!! Tee Kuo!!!! Wan to see girls naked, wan to see lan jiao. Go and watch XXX Film lah.

You wan famous actresses one also have!!! What for wan to see the small little bitch Tammy one? She is very beautiful mei? Its so fire away. Its like, never mind if ur mother gets rape n the world see it, cos in afew years time no one cares. Well, if ur dad rapes u or fuck what happens with the pp u know.

Tammy nyp video

I dont get it!! A gal gets fuck by her BF, n pp wants to see it? Come on, we asians can do better than this. Fuck that stingy workfare bonus! Part time worker can get why odd job worker can't? If Odd job can continues for 6 months then can call it contract worker, don't call odd job. If the pay of the odd job higher than other jobs, then why should choose other job? If the warefare bonus is not encougrage the worker choose those can earn more money job, and ask them goto choose lower pay but can work at least for 6 months, then it should change name to Stupid Bonus!

They are some people retrench so do not have 6 months long working period atthey would very need this money because may be still can't get job, but they are not qualify for this stupid workfare bonus because that 'continues for 6 months'!

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Some did not work longer than 6 months at last year because of illness, can this stupid bonus consider for them? Or should create another one bonus call it MC Bonus for these innocent poor and sick worker! And the housewife, who work 24 hrs for more than 6 months continues at a year, their working pleace was at home.

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Manage to watch the video!! See till my horse also came out and watch with me Dun watch from these 2 links unless you are a gay or fan of the moron steven. Yoz Rockson!! Go and take a video you and Karan and upload to the internet le. Is Karan figure ball ball 1 izzit?!! Your Blog is the best I have come across so far!

Laugh until I almost fell off the chair! I mean the blog and not your fcuking long cokk!

Singapore chinese - girlfriend tammy nyp.

KNN Rockson. You no good lah you! I trust you so much, secretly download it without even checking the video. You show me steven lim one Sex sells and oh boy, how people are profiteering from someone's plight at the moment. The now widely sought after sex video of year-old Tammy and her boyfriend engaging in sexual intercourse on school grounds is probably the hottest stuff on the internet at the moment, at least for this part of the region.

This Singaporean girl who's from Nanyang Polytechnic had apparently left the school due to her sudden shot to fame infamy? The 10 minutes or so video clip was shot using her handphone probably for future viewing or something. I truly do not understand why someone would do such a thing. The pre-marital sex part I can still understand but why do you want to record your sex exploits?

My friend did mention that he might consider that option in the later stages of his life when you would probably need that extra help to ignite that 'flame' between you and your lover. I'm actually wondering if he already has a stash of his own personal video recordings hidden somewhere. The video clip was supposedly downloaded onto a computer and mass-emailed to lecturers and students of the school.

The rest, as they say is history. A group of hackers even managed to retrive her personal details from the NYP database but it seems that the details exposed to the world were not actually hers fortunately for her and her family. It is rumoured to be a four part 'series' but I've personally seen only two.

To be frank, there's really nothing to it and it was indeed very boring. If you are resourceful enough, you're sure to be able to find the video clip s on the internet but seriously, you'll probably be disappointed.

I guess people are just curious when it comes to these things. I wouldn't say that all of those who sought for the video are perverts but more of those who are busybody and curious including me :P. I just cannot imagine how her family is taking this.

Obviously she's distraught but I guess she can't complain much since she did consent to having sex and also recording of the video. If she's trying to portray herself as a victim, she should realise that she has only herself to blame.

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