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I believe genetics and evolution has a lot to do with that. Sindhi populace originated in Sindh province of nowadays Pakistan. Genetically this sub population is much closer to invaders from the north-west Iran and probably Greeks. Most of the Sindhi population did not mingle with much of nowadays India, until may be last 70 years. So, majority of population has that north-western genetics preserved till now.

So, it seems like there is a competition to ask such questions going on. Who can ask such question and who will get maximum response for their question? Got a thought? Anyway, asking question is good but sometimes finding answer of such question can also be interesting.

Give it a try! It can save your time and efforts and simultaneously expand your knowledge. A lot of Indians find punjabis and Sindhis pretty because many Indian equate beauty with the colour of ones skin.

Aug 03,   SINDHI GIRLS PHOTOS Wednesday, 3 August Pakistani Culture. By Hayi Mansoor. Pakistani Culture is very unique in terms of its social and ethical values. These values are something which are given due importance. This culture revolves around the religion of Islam which teaches equality among every human being that exists on this planet. Feb 13,   Explore ZAK!'s photos on Flickr. ZAK! has uploaded photos to danydusausoit.com: K.

Of course India has other communities where there are fair skinned people, but Sindhis and punjabis are generally quite outgoing and are probably more fashion and beauty conscious. So their skin colour, relatively sharper features straight nose, big eyecoupled with the way they carry themselves probably makes them more desirable. I don't know much about Sindhis but I do know about Punjabis. I have enumerated some reasons for them being beautiful in Aashpreet Giddey's answer to What is the beauty secret of Punjabi's?

Here's the copy of my answer. So, we can say that Punjabis being beautiful depends more on the way of living as compared to the birth-factor. So, if you consider Punjabis as beautiful, you can be one too.

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Simply for genetic reasons. Aryan blood in their arteries which translates into fairness of the skin, natural reddishness of lips, hair tones, facial features, structured body as if chiselled.

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I also love them. Question is, they should also love me for what I am. You are far more crazy and a bit greedy, for you love most of them.

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You seem to have a stronger appetite, dozen apples and an equal amount of berries. And for the racist poeple syaing they are pretty cause they are fair and have persian or greek ancestry.

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Secondly i think punjabis, sindhis are more dark rather than fair. Dark can also be beautiful. Being Sindhi girl, I won't be diplomatic to answer this question.

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I have seen elders in my community give more importance to fairness of a girl. Generally fair girls are picked up soon and more and more parents look for fair girl for their son which has chances of next generation being fair and good looking. This is continued since centuries i guess. So most of Sindhi girls are pretty. The rational answer for these kind of questions must be like this.

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Not all of them are pretty and not all of them are ugly. Here are the reasons. That's why there is variety in the genetic traits. This is the beauty of evolution. First of all, I need to clear a misconception. Punjabis are more darker and are not fairer on majority.

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Lots of foolish people who never seen Punjabis have stated punjabis are fairer. I am sorry to break your misconception. Punjabis are brown colour and are on the darker side.

Browse sindhi pictures, photos, images, GIFs, and videos on Photobucket. Oct 31,   Sindhi hot girl. SINDHI GIRLS MAST DANCE ON NAJAF ALI'S SONG PHORAY WAYE DIL JO QARAR. Home Latest Popular Trending Categories. Art Animation Comedy Cool Commercials Cooking Entertainment How To Music & Dance News & Events People & Stories Pets & Animals Science & Tech Sports Travel & Outdoors Video Games Wheels & Wings Other 18+ Only Fashion.

Sindhis are more fairer than Punjabis, but you can see beautiful women anywhere on planet Earth. Go to Punjab and see the people there. Most of the men are dark and majority of women also have dusky complexion. Very few have fair skin.

A Hindu sindhi bride wears sparkling dress usually red in color on her wedding day and matches it with gold jewelry. Sindhi marriages involve lots of fun and frolic attended by many relatives, neighbors and guests. Arranged inter-caste marriage is widely accepted by Sindhis. Results for: sindhi girls Search Results. VIDEOS GALLERIES sindhi girl funny video by sindhi funny zoobe mp4. sindhi girl funny video by sindhi funny zoobe mp4 Sindhi Mazak Subscribe Unsubscribe 1. 8 Aug Share. Share Video. Tweet Share on Facebook. HTML-code. Jul 09,   I believe genetics and evolution has a lot to do with that. Sindhi populace originated in Sindh province of nowadays Pakistan. Genetically this sub population is much closer to invaders from the north-west (Iran and probably Greeks). Most of the S.

This is same everywhere in India. Actually I have given this answer before,but I want to say every women in this world is beautiful,but it is always ones own perspective to see that. But factors like geographical,historical etc we can see different features in different regions. One of the main reason behind is GENETICS DNA as this Sindh and Punjab region was always invaded by Arabs,Turks,Greeks in ancient,premedieval and medieval period so when they do marriage alliances in their rule so genes transfer from one generation to another ,as we know they have beautiful skin,fair colour etc this features transfer in Punjab and Sindh region.

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Another factor is geographical as this region has cool weather and Himalayas close to it. I would say beauty doesn't comes from any particular religion.

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But then a fact that Punjabi's and Sindhi's have more aryan features make them look pretty because of sharp features. There can be not so pretty girls belonging to these castes. And fore sure there can be beautiful girls who are not Punjabi or Sindhi. Because the outer beauty and facial features are just dependent on genes that are inherited. This is why people from these region have stunted growth short height. Details of all British inflicted famines with effected area is here.

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Timeline of major famines in India during British rule - danydusausoit.com. Sign In. Why do I find Sindhi and Punjabi girls so pretty? ate Cancel. Originally Answered: Why are Sindhi girls so good looking? I am really in love with most of them. Theory of natural selection wants Continue Reading. Why do some Punjabi people I've met abroad look Iranian or Afghan? I am confused. I am only attracted towards British Punjabi girls. Is something wrong with me?

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Do non-Punjabi girls find Sardars as attractive? Why are an increasing number of Punjabi girls marrying Bengali boys nowadays? Originally Answered: Why are Sindhi and Punjabi girls so pretty? The way a girl carries herself is beautiful, in my opinion. I know a punjabi girl who is also a great friend and wonderful person.

Today due to globalization, Pakistani culture is largely influenced by the western society. Our traditional dress is shalwar kamiz which is mostly turned in to shirt and trousers. This main influence is due to the fact that many Pakistani are living abroad and they come back with this change. Many restaurants from other countries have started business in Pakistan and are making a lot business here.

Media has played a wide role in bringing this change. There are many channels of different countries that we can see these days. This is something that is to some extent positive and negative also. Positively the new generation gains knowledge while negatively they are attracted to it and want to bring it in to practice.

Indian movies can be seen here in Pakistani cinemas and Pakistani movies can be seen in India.

This is positive in terms of Indu Muslim Relations but Indian culture can not be accepted here. Some major differences occur. Like they worship Gods consider them as statue stone.

We believe in one God and it's a belief within our souls. We do not make statues. Like movies our industry is not well known but we still do make movies.


We are doing almost everything done in other parts of the world. Large number Pakistanis are also living in Middle East. These emigrants and their children influence Pakistan culturally and economically by travelling to Pakistan and returning and investing there.

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