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Claudio was very manipulative towards me. He figured out my insecurities and exploited them: he used the things he learned about me against me. Over a period of many months, he gave me drugs and alcohol and had sex with me in an abandoned room at an apartment he managed.

When I was 16 or 17 he gave me a CD of songs and asked me to write and sing over them. I took the songs home and wrote lyrics and melodies and we recorded the tracks I liked.

Miss Kercher, 21, who was living in Perugia as an exchange student, was found in her bedroom, semi-naked and with her throat cut, in She has now revealed that she is 'proud' of having a string of one night stands and smoking marijuana at university.

Her first one-night stand was with a man called Cristiano, whom she met on a train in Florence. But Cristiano was a game-changer.

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