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As I was completely not against some fun, I gently pulled his pants down, exposing his huge boner. My God, it was enormous! A rock-hard cock made my throbbing pussy become wet in seconds! I grabbed his dick with my hand, stroking it with swift movements, and touched it softly with my tongue. I licked and tickled his pole, massaging it and sliding my hand up and down it, making it give up and spit out all the cum it had.

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Volcano hot Zula, with her dripping wet snatch sliding up and down his hard shaft and her red hot asshole begging for his soft tongue. Jealous and envious at the same time, I find myself masturbating so hard while I watch her ride his cock, wishing it was me he was fucking so savagely!

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Our trip to this paradise island has been a delighfut hedonistic getaway. Yes, I have been forced to share my beautiful Aang with Azula and others, but it is well worth it. I am his favorite and he lets me know it. The way he looks at me while fucking them, his gaze of pure animalistic lust as they suck his dick.

When he finally cums to me his dick is so hard and my pussy is so wet, he slides into my inside effortlessly and fucks me very, very hard, harder than the other girls, filling my burning hot insides with his milky cum and making me orgasm over and over on top of his erect shaft! Aang has decided to give me his undivided attention today; he knows that puts a smile on my face that will last for days. I bathe and make myself beautiful for him, lotion over my naked skin and perfumes to excite his senses.

He comes to me, bending me over and sliding his marvelous erection in between the crack of my meaty ass, telling me how hot it feels. My big breasts bounce up and down with my heavy breathing and my nipples are erect like arrowheads as he grabs my hair and jerks back with force, he is going to give me kinky hardcore sex, the way I love it!

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June is a beautiful, fierce woman, that much I must admit. A skilled bounty hunter, she knows how to get what she wants. I can understand why Aang fancies her so, her breath taking body, jet black silky hair, and the looks and attitude of a hooker in heat.

Her nipples look so hard and deliciously enticing, crowning her big breasts. My beautiful Aang has taken me and some of his girlfriends to a vacation on a desolate paradise island.

Yes, sharing his big hard dick and delicious body with somebody else is a displeasure, but I will do what it takes to keep my Avatar happy. I can see him now, playing naked on the beach, the sand all over his naked body as he gets his huge dick sucked by the fiery Azula. Her red hot nature ignites the deepest passions in him, as she fingers her dripping twat and deepthroats his erection, so big I can only imagine it reaches all the way into her stomach! I will watch from the distance and masturbate with the beautiful view of my lover getting head from another woman, my turn will cum soon enough.

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She has been under mining her father since the crown prince's banishment. Soon it will be her turn to take the throne and with her. She doesn't have to worry about pesky guys trying to get her pants. Her name is Azula. Azula has a penis. Azula finds herself captivated with a small but powerful earthbender beating up the competition in an underground tournament. Privileged and powerful, even the mighty Princess Azula could use an occasional reprieve from world conquest.

Chance encounters with the female cast provide the release she needs. An adolescent Lin Beifong asks her parents where babies come from. Rated T for discussions about fertile valleys. Toph gets to rescue a princess, but Azula isn't exactly what you'd call grateful. For one thing, being held captive by vengeful earthbenders has rekindled the problems she hoped were left in the past.

For another thing, she's uncomfortably drawn to Toph, the only woman in the world who can match Azula for power and arrogance.

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She sank into the steaming water with a sigh. It was so nice to get a few moments to herself, especially with all the stress their little group was under - trying to defeat the Fire Lord all by themselves was a rather tall order they were all determined to fulfill.

They all needed to find ways to relax, so they could focus better. With a quiet coo, she sunk further into the water, not noticing the approach of little feet. Toph had intentionally waited until her older friend was alone. This just wasn't something she could do in public, nor in front of their friends and family.

But she was curious. She had been curious ever since what happened on that day a couple of months ago. Thinking about what had happened still excited her. Strangely, ever since, Katara had acted carefully to avoid such a thing.

Well, damnit, but the blind girl wanted more. She had "seen" what people did to one another at home, and knew that it felt good. But, of course, she had to do this carefully. With a quiet cough, she alerted the Waterbender to her presence, standing several feet away from the edge of the spring. Without further ado, the Earthbender started stripping, exposing more and more of her pale, creamy flesh to the warm afternoon sun that filtered in through the palm trees.

To her satisfaction, she felt the Waterbender's pulse quicken through the stone and sand that made up the base of the spring. The blue-eyed girl felt her cheeks grow warm as Toph began to strip her underwear off.

It never ceased to amaze her at how unmodest the young Earthbender was at times. Taking care not to slip and lose her footing, Toph lowered herself into the water, and reclined but a couple of feet from the blue-eyed girl that regarded her quietly. Of course, it was just two girls together. Nothing wrong with that, right? Women went naked in the steam hut in the South Pole, since it was too cold to bathe outside.

Yet she couldn't help but look, remembering how she and Toph had 'explored' before. She had been so careful after that to not let it happen again. The dark-skinned girl felt ashamed, thinking she had taken advantage of Toph like that. Toph scooted closer, gaining an inch on the Waterbender's retreat, a faint smirk on her little face. Toph paused. She hadn't thought that maybe Katara was Just drop it, okay? We're all stressed and I wanna relax.

Toph allowed her a moment to think the subject for a moment, waiting until the Waterbender has relaxed her body completely.

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The spike in the Waterbender's pulse gave Toph her answer, and she had to hold back a smirk. She stopped in front of Katara as she placed her hands on her hips, her little tits visible over the water.

Sure, they hadn't actually had sex or anything, but she got such a thrill out of touching Toph's intimates, and having the blind girl do it to her that she was certain it was wrong to feel such a way. I don't.

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I'm not supposed to. It's not right!

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I was wrong to have touched you like that. Naturally, the blind girl had an entirely different idea.

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She grabbed the Waterbender's wrist surprisingly firmly. A woman with a man. Properly married, of course.

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The pale girl shook her head. Katara's head was swimming as she felt her fingertips being kissed. It was such a light gesture.

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